Here we publish the answers to frequently asked questions.
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Q: Will your automation be effective for use with entrance one leaf sliding door to my gueshouse?

R: For small hotels, shops and other little facilities, we offer DRL.1.90 operator to use for external (entrance) doors. It is intensive use 90W operator that has enough power to operate with one leaf/two leaves sliding door up to 265lbs (120kg). To get best result for your purpose, we recommend to buy manual sliding door mechanism like Hafele Sliding Door Fitting 300 kit (Pic.1) to use with our automation kit or any other brand manual sliding door mechanism for loading 220lbs (100kg) and above, but hangers should be with ballbearing rollers only!

Hafele Sliding Door Fitting 300 kit (code 942.32.012 wheel running gears, 942.32.999 rail) used with ballbearing rollers. Max. load: 661lbs (300kg)
Q: I got an idea to install automated sliding door to bathroom. How does door lock when bathroom is occupied?

R: For this purpose, it is necessary to install suitable standard electromechanic or electromagnetic strike or lock to your automatic door. These are widespread and not expensive product. We offer electromagnetic lock that is built-in gearmotor of our operator. But, please, note, in case electric supply will be interrupted, our electromagnetic lock unlocks automatically. For electromechanic locks, please, contact your local security store to buy these device.

Q: Sometimes voltage swing problems arise. Are your automation protected from a damage?

R: It is required standard characteristics of input power supply for this. We suppose to protect your input power supply with automatic switch. Of course, openers have built-in protection additionally and working with power supply 120VAC (for USA buyers) and 230 VAC (for european buyers).

Q: Is it possible to adjust closing speed?

R: Yes, you can adjust opening and/or closing speed easily.

Q: How do I make automatic sliding door at home?

R: Our operators can be used for this purpose. We recommend to use Johnson 1500 Serie system or bi-parting sliding door kit Hafele Synchro or from other brand hardware, according to your choice. Please, contact your local door hardware seller for such sliding door mechanism.

Q: Is it possible to open automatic door manually in case of power failure?

R: Our operators has reversible gearmotors and never block door leaves. You always may open a door manually in power failure or emergency situations.


Q: What are the main advantages of DRL.1 opener kits if compare with automation from other manufacturers?

R: DRL.1 automation kits are not «toy» kits. These have professional level of electronics and mechanics. DRL.1 automation kits designed for long operation without failures. Mechanical components can withstand heavy loads and intensive use. Automation protected from overheating. We use only quality components. And our kits are «flexible». You may use these with majority of sliding door mechanisms and for your unstandard projects.


Q: I want to install automated sliding door in my house, but I never do such work. How difficult is it?

R: It is not difficult to install our automation kit. We supply mounting brackets that allow to fix automation operator to majority of existing sliding door mechanisms. But, it is necessary to do some installation work and electric wiring. We recommend you to contact professionals to do electric works.

Q: What is the better to install it myself or ask for automatic doors specialist?

R: You may install our automatic door operator kit yourself, but, if possible, it will be better to ask your local professionals to do this work. They are familiar with door automation and could fulfil installation works better.


Q: What payment methods are available?

R: T/T, Western Union, Visa/Mastercard.


Q: How will I get goods after payment?

R: We may send goods to you by conventional post service, EMS, UPS, DHL. Please note, we are not responsible for any goods damage or lost after handed it to delivery service courier.


Q: What is the guarantee period?

R: We support 12 months guarantee period from date of sale.