Motorized automatic sliding interior pocket door

Our automation kit for pocket sliding doors is new attractive alternative to other existent automatic sliding door openers for civil, commercial and domestic use that it is possible to buy in United States & Canada today. We proud to offer motorization operator kit that will satisfy main consumers’ demands to such kind of devices.


DRL.1.50 kit may be used to automatize majority of new manual sliding doors at your home and facility. It compatible with sliding door mechanisms that available for purchase in any US town. You may automate single or bi-parting sliding doors with glass, wooden or steel moving leaves with weight up to 154lbs (70kg).

Easy to install and use. DIY (Do It Yourself)

You may install this motorization kit yourself just follow to the installation instructions guide. Fix DRL.1.50 opener to steel or wooden frame of your sliding manual pocket door gauge frame, make electric wiring according to installation instructions guide and you will get full-blown automatic sliding pocket door.


Our automation kit for sliding pocket doors is smart, strong and reliable, passed two million times test. Self-learning mode controls doorway width. Built-in power supply unit provides functioning of automation in case of voltage swing (90-135V). As well, built-in fuse disconnects automation from power supply in case of overheating.

It may be adopted for other voltage standards on request. Operator provides fast, smooth and sensitive door movement without noise.

Maintenance free operator kit

Motorization kit DRL.1.50 does not require complicated maintenance operations. You have just do appropriate cleaning procedures for your automatic door occasionally.

Adjustable operating parameters

DRL.1.50 operator provides possibility to adjust different operating parameters of automatic door. You are able to make settings according to design philosophy and functional requirements to automatic interion door. Use Modes setting device CP08 (built-in to control box) to set following parameters:

  • Opening speed;
  • Closing speed;
  • Braking speed when opening;
  • Braking speed when closing;
  • Partial opening width for pet passage;
  • Time delay of closing after passage;
  • Braking path length when opening;
  • Braking path length when closing.
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Pet Access

DRL.1.50 motorization kit has the feature that allows your pet to pass the automatic sliding door itself. Our door motorization kit will open the door in the house automatically not only for human passage, but also has a special feature of partial door opening (adjustable width) for the passage of a pet.

You no longer need to open the door manually for your pet that asks you to open the door. Just add two lower sensors that will detect a pet and operator DRL.1.50 will open door for it’s passage too. Then, door will close automatically after the time delay (adjustable).​

Relatively low price

DRL.1.50 has lowest price over the market for motorized sliding door operators kits. You will save hundreds of dollars when purchasing our product. Spare parts and accessories prices are also inexpensive.

Heightened level of safety

DRL.1.50 automation kit has same safety features that inherent to “big» automatic doors. Our motorization kit should be used with one or two (preferably) IR-beams safety barrier. As well, operator has built-in force limit, that reverse door movement when any obstacle is detected by door leaf. This makes door movement safer for children, disabled and elderly people. Reversible gearmotor never blocks an automatic door leaf. You can open automatic door manually in emergency situation.


In spite of low prices, our DRL.1.50 automation kit and accessories are not «toys», but follow professional level of quality and functioning. DRL.1.50 operator made using only quality secure components.

Compact size

DRL.1.50 operator has compact dimensions and will blend with surroundings nicely. Likewise, thanks to compact size, it may be delivered to our customers in any corner over The World using parcel delivery service.


We respect every our customer and value everyone. No request will be left without our quick response. Contact us via e-mail to get answers to your questions regarding our products. We provide one year guarantee period and support friendly after-sales service for our customers.

Wide range of accessories

We supply our customers with wide range of useful accessories: microwave and infra red sensors, pushbuttons, safety beams, sliding guides, handles… — all that could help to prepare your dream automatic sliding door!

Technical characteristics

  • Voltage requirement:………………AC120V/60Hz;
  • Power consumption, max.:…….70W (with accessories);
  • Speed, open (adjustable):……..single: 11 8/10″ — 1′-9 7/10″/s (30-55cm/s), double: 2′-11 4/10″ — 3′-7 3/10″/s (90-110cm/s);
  • Speed, close (adjustable):……..single: 11 8/10″ — 1′-7 7/10″/s (30-50cm/s), double: 1′-3 7/10″ — 3′-3 4/10″/s (40-100cm/s);
  • Force (adjustable):………………….2.2 — 15lbs (1~7kg);
  • Time delay:………………………………1-3sec.;
  • Working temperature range:……-40 — 1220F (-200 — +500C);
  • Safety:………………………………………built-in force limit, safety photobarrier;
  • Control box dimensions, mm:….1′-2 2/10″(L) x 10″(H) x 4 4/10″(D) / 360mm(L) x 254mm(H) x 111mm(D);

Operating modes

Use any your favourite design conventional two buttons lighting switch as automatic door function switch.

User could select following operating modes of automatic pocket door:

  • Normal………………………. — sliding door open/close automatically;
  • Open…………………………..- automatic door stays in open position;
  • Close…………………………. — automatic door stays in close position and locked (if electric lock in use)

We deliver the automatic pocket door opener kit DRL.1.50 to US cities in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.